Wednesday, April 9, 2008

April 9th, 8:30.… First residents of the Brooding House!!

Today was a banner day for Sweet Vicki and I. We got a lot accomplished and burnt a quarter of a tank of fuel finding two little Dwarf Rabbits. We finished the house this morning, which the morning blog stated we would do. Then we went to Athens, Dormansville, Westerlo, JP North’s and finally Hudson, where we found these little guys at L&M Pets.

The Brooding House came out perfectly with four seperate 2x8' compartments for chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits.

We are tickled with the entire Brooding House Project and here are the first occupants....and are they happy with it!!

                          These guys are just as cute as they come!!!

Some of the things ya see when looking for bunnies! This is a farmer with a message. He's always pissy with Hillary!


           Here are the revised prints. Look the same only smaller. 

We also got the lumber ordered for the rear deck expansion and all the posts and planks for the barn project.

Tomorrow we will do a complete layout of the barn and plan when the weather will be right to get the skid steer loader w/ post hole attachment here. I would suspect sometime a week from now,from what I already heard on the weather report. We’ll see.

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