Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6th 9:52 PM….Just back from Pegasus Restaurant

April 6th 9:52 PM….Just back from Pegasus Restaurant. Vicki and I had Prime Rib for Dinner. And a good one too.  

We didn'tt finish the Brooding house today. There is a very little bit to do tomorrow and then we will click in-depth pictures of the finished product…..ready for the birds which will be coming soon.


Vick Sprayed another coat of red paint on today.

This is a great little brooding house. Vick just finished spray painting it.

Here, Vick is returning the ladder to the other building. She just finished spray painting the brooding house.

In another 2 hours, Vicki will be one year older and just as beautiful as ever. We will all gather tomorrow to celebrate her birthday in Kingston, even though it wasn'twhere she would have picked to have her birthday dinner.

Vicki did a really big days workby painting the brooding house and helping me complete the chick shelves on each side. They are engineered to drop down smooth against the wall on both sides when there are no chicks, therefore supplying you a full 8’ x 8’ bare building again. Here are some pictures of it and Rooster Cog burn and Stu out free ranging today to afford a little peace and quiet from the big MR… the rooster that bullies all the rest. Mr has the feathers torn out of Stu’s butt and about all the hens in there too. Everyone wants to shoot MR and the other chicken are paying to put a hit out.

Stu with the duckies. He tried to gather them, but they left.

Rooster Cogburn had a good time free ranging. He wanted to fight the duck pond. (or the reflection of the black and white rooster in it looking back at him)

Stu and Cogburn start to flock the ducks.


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