Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tuesday, April 15th..8:18 AM and 30 degrees! What’s up with that Poop?


Just when we get ready to get down and boogie .. .. .. ya know dance and giggle and celebrate that summer is here again.. .. want to have clam steams and burgers on the newly expanded rear deck .. ..and enjoy the sun and warm breezes as we watch the chickens and ducks cavorting around the yard carelessly, they throw the monkey wrench into the works!

30 degrees is totally unacceptable and we won’t have it!

This crap needs to stop and get on with the 70’s and 80 degree days!

We have too much living to do to be waiting all year long for a handful of warm days. LET’S GET ON WITH IT!

Today we wanted to work on the rear deck expansion after spot painting the post locations for the fence and barn posts. We would do that after taking the WRONG lumber I bought, back to GNH.. .. which we will do, but the first two will be hard to accomplish with frozen fingers. Come on Sun!!! Warm it up!!!!!

Here are a few random pictures until we shoot the actions of the day. See ya this evening!

New Cluckin' "A" residents of Yesterday!

Aren't they CUTE???

Off with the old... on with the new!

It will be quite different when completed!

This is where we will expand the deck to fill the opening.


The new deck will come out to line up across where the new concrete pillar bases are.

The railing to the left will move out 8 feert to align with the existing deckline and a table will go under roof just beyond the bar stools. A roof will also be added over the table.

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