Monday, April 28, 2008

April 28th… needed rain is a pain in the ass…says me, the grouch!!

We lost another chick this morning…. went to check them around 10:30 and found the breaker tripped on the heat lamps and the room was cold…. the duckie’s were cuddling and the two chicks that were still living were looking like they were in shock. We hustled and got the heat lamps going again and got the remaining chicks under them. The ducks went directly under their heat lamp by themselves. The last chick was slightly breathing, so I held him under the heat lamp and he started to respond. He was breathing better, he opened his eyes and tried to recover, then took a turn and started breathing extremely fast and panting then just as if he had a heart attack, just died. The other two are acting normal at this time. I changed the stupid breaker. It was a GFCI breaker and was prone to nuisance tripping, which may have come about with the rain. ANYWAY, We have GFCI receptacles everywhere out there, so I installed a standard breaker to eliminate the problem.

While we were out for a breaker, Hilltown Agway called to say our chicks were in, but someone checked our names off as getting them and Denny didn’t think we did. We didn’t get the message until 6:45 this evening when we got home. Hope we can get them tomorrow and they didn’t sell them.

We took a few pictures, but wasnt in the mood and the weather sucks as you can see, so we don’t have much and hope for a better tomorrow.

Usually a beautiful spot to pass. Not today!!

Pictures are cloudy and unclear in the rain..

I think we'll wait for the sun for pictures outside.

Casey Mae exhibiting her bad habits learned from WHOM???

AHHHH HAAAA....Now we know!

Another incriminating picture tells the tale!!


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