Monday, April 14, 2008

Monday April 14th, 9:04 AM.. 42 degrees and Sunny! I like it!

I’m up and runnin’, Vick is out of the shower and dressing… and we’re ready for Kenny to come and have coffee. I hope he doesn’t mind not going around to local saw mills…I don’t think he will. I suppose he will be relieved anyway. I wouldn’t want to guide people away from my cousins sawmill looking for better prices even if my cousin did say to do it. Frank is quite a guy. We met him once and he offered to find us a discount on our beams for the barn, even if they came from someone else’s saw mill. We want to support both Frank and Andy at Cooksburg Lumber for their past kindness, so we won’t go anywhere else.

Whatever we do today, we’ll take pictures so you can follow our progress with these projects here on the farm.

More Later….

Did you notice? This is the new front page on the web site!

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