Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday April 13th, Overcast, dreary but a mild 43 degrees!

Looks like all we need to do is get by today and we have it made! There is no rain in the forecast through next Saturday after today is done. It is perfect for us, because the skid steer will be here on Wednesday and Vicki and I will be poking holes and setting poles for the barn and I really didn’t want to do that in the rain. (but We would have, had it rained that day)

After all the poles are set, we will be installing the 2 X 6 plank across the top area of the poles on both sides, which will tie them all in and give me a place to tie in a corner gusset to keep everything square. We must call today or tomorrow and get the other timbers ordered from Cooksburg Lumber, so they can cut the big beams.

I’ll finish the list this morning and call them whenever we can.

Vick is hungry and I am feeling better, so I think we will go for a nice lunch at Eddie Russo’s Restaurante on route 32 in Cairo and then on to Lowe’s for the posts and cement pillar bases we need. Maybe we will run on to a bunny for sale.

Here's the barn lumber...ready for Wednesday.

We're plotted and ready to go when the skid steer arrives.

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