Wednesday, April 23, 2008

April 23rd.. Stopped building to get duckie’s and other stuff.

We thought we would definitely finish the deck today, but due to other calls and deliveries…… we did not.

We were called by Hilltown Agway and informed that our six Indian Runner ducklings were in and could be picked up, so we knocked off around noon and went to pick them up.

Six little fur balls peeping, eating and drinking.

Aren't they cuties?

Constant chirping... not as bad as it will be next week with 60 new chirping chicks in the same room.

While out at Agway, we went to P&L and Vicki grabbed a couple of sandwiches for our lunch. When we got home, we put the duckie’s in the brooding house and went in to eat our sandwiches.

When we completed, we went back to work on the deck until Middlefield Lumber called and said he was on his way with the rest of our barn beams.


The old deck and new deck where we left off tonight to go to art class.

From the yard looking back. IT'S gonna be big!

Middlefield Lumber brought the rest of the beams!

Wow!! What a pile of beams!!!

With all the other interruptions….we figure to finish up tomorrow if it doesn’t rain all day. (they are only calling for a little drizzle, but you know how that works)

Back from Art class…. Had a good night of painting barns. We saw a bunch of nice paintings tonight. Vick is still working on hers so we won’t show it until she is done with it tonight. Here’s mine.

Here's my effort to create a barn watercolor. It's fun..

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