Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14th, 6:15 PM .. And we’ve done it! Well some of it!!

We are now a four bunny farm!!

We also got rid of the broken hot tub and removed most of the old rear deck railing. Tomorrow we will remove the rest of the railing and spot paint the fence post locations around the pasture from the barn. We will also spot paint the 6x6 post locations for the barn too.

Kenny and Katie are coming for the day, so we’ll put them to work helping us.

I screwed up on the lumber list from GNH…… I ordered 2x6x8’ when I should have had 1-1/4” x 6 x 8’ deck boards, so now, we have to load them into the truck and take them back to exchange for the right ones. Poop shit! I hate when I screw things up and I’ve been screwing things up a lot recently!!! Must be cause I’m experiencing a severe drift factor that affects my “cstrisl syndrome”. (cstrsl stands for “can’t seem to remember important shit lately.”)

Starting the broken hot tub removal.

Thar She Goes! Off the deck for good!!

It's out in the yard and ready to be scooped up and taken away. I will save the pumps for aerating the pond this summer.


This is where we will eat breakfast on our table and watch the Pupskill Bay Lake all summer long!!

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