Tuesday, April 22, 2008

April 22nd 10:00 PM After the Art Class at the library..

Sweet Vicki and I just got back from the art class being conducted by Stanley Maltzman. We enjoy Stanley’s classes and have become very close friends with him. He comes to get eggs from us and we have gone to lunch several times. Last summer he and Joyce came to my Dad’s 80th birthday party. and we have been to Stanley’s house many times. He is a super guy and loves to clown and joke around. He is a very talented artist and we love his work. Below are some pictures of the art class and others we snapped while waiting for everyone to arrive before class.


This is the pond in the center of Greenville, near the library.


Beautiful flowering trees such as this line the little park where the pond waters flow.

Here is Stanley Maltzman showing Vicki and I a Monochromatic watercolor he did in greens.


Other members of the art class listening to Stanley teaching.


Stanley explaining a technique of watercolor painting.

More of the class as they finished up tonight.

We ran out of time today on the deck, as we needed to return materials to GNH Lumber and get 5 more 2x8’s 8’ long for the rest of the deck. Here are pictures of where we got to before having to stop for the art class.

Sweet Vicki is installing the hanger clips for the floor joists.

Starting to look pretty good. As Vicki is installing hangers tomorrow, I'll be installing the floor boards, then railings.


This is where we will pick up in the morning and we will positively finish tomorrow.  Stay tuned Doreen!!

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