Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10th ... 5:45 AM ... Today could be the Day!!!


Today May possibly be the last nice day without rain for awhile, so we will hit the deck a runnin’ this mornin’!! Perhaps everything may happen today and if so, we will have lots of pictures to show this evening.

The chickens, turkeys and ducks should come today. They were hatched yesterday and they are usually available at Hilltown Agway the next day, but we’ll see.

Also, today is the day GNH Lumber will deliver the massively large truckload of lumber for the barn and rear deck extension.

Today is Art Day! Danny should be here around 2:00 pm to paint a new picture this week. He took Henry (his cat picture) home to finish last week so he could paint a new one here this week.

Now, if there is any time left over….I think we will get the transit level out and shoot the new barn layout. We’ll see this evening!!

Even as busy as we takes no time at all to see Beauty!

                   Winter Is GONE TOO!!!!!!!

The beaver dam at the far end of the Pupskill Bay Lake.

Look closely......and see one of the residents.

Look quick so I can return him before he reports me to his big brother Mr. Lobster. Vick says he might turn into a lobster as big as he is!

Have FUN!! We'll have More for ya later!

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