Thursday, April 24, 2008

Man it sucks to get old!! Time goes fast.. you go slow!!

Today was a banner day in our lives! Why? Hell I have no idea, but we need a banner day every now and then even if we don’t know why. We started out on the deck… left to go to GNH for deck boards and step risers… That Took forever!!! Went to bank, then Greenhill Café for a pizza pie. Home to entertain Danny, but he wasn’t here. Instead, Mid-Hudson was here to work on our phone lines (which are as good as a two tin cans with a string between them. if it isn’t a long string.)(almost as good as the cans W/ string, but not as good!!) In fact it’s their digital system and they have no idea why it doesn’t work for shit.

Made some head way before having to leave.

Finished floor and was working on gate and railing.

ANYWAY….. Ate the pizza, went back to work on the deck and Danny showed up….We just kept working on the deck. While Danny and I worked on deck brackets and spindles, Sweet Vicki went to GNH again to get another deck board and replaced three spindles that were warped worse than Charles Manson… when she returned, we installed the last step treads and more spindles… About ½ hour more and we got a call from Hilltown Agway… Our Bantam chickens were in and ready to be picked up. Went and got the 12 of them and put them in the brooding house under the heat lamp.

Under the heat lamp to keep the Bamtams warm and happy.


They're so cute and tiny. Don't know how they can be so loud!!


Our Duckie's are doing well.. Look how big they've gotten.


Here's an update on the bunnies too. And look...the duckies have a new friend... Mr. Canadian Goose... and the mallard was there earlier.

Went back to the deck. If not for the lack of 48 deck screws and 44 extra hands to claw and scratch the 978 mosquito bites Sweet Vicki and I incurred in 20 minutes after the sun dropped out of sight, we would have finished. (even if our eyes swelled shut and our fingers quit bending from mosquito venom) In lieu of all this… we said “to hell with banner days…Let’s quit and hope tomorrow is a normal day.

Looking pretty good I think!! A little slow, but good!

This is Sweet Vicki the "spindler". We got to here before quitting!!

Like Tony the Tiger used to say..."It's grrrrreaaaaaat!!

These are the visions you'll see here on the Cluckin' "A". As you drive by, you'll see a red glow emmitting from the brooding house... and if you enter the house... you'll see what your kitchen and dinning room table looks like during construction and tool collection every evening. I'm ready for bed!


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