Tuesday, April 8, 2008

April 8th, 2:27 PM…. Back from fishing!!

Hi all….we were out fishing and try as I might to get Vicki to catch a troutshe just wouldn’t do it! (forget that she didn’t get a bite and I only had 1 bite and caught him.) Sweet Vicki tried and tried and tried, to no avail. They just wouldn’t bite.

Her gear, however worked fine. Now if the trout were biting…you can bet she would be standing downstream in a feverish ball of fishing line, looking like she was in a fist fight with a big pissed off spider and was cocooned in the process.

Anyway….here are a few pictures of a beautiful creek along Red Mill Road, near Greenville. They just stocked it yesterday and we saw no one fishing anywhere today.

This is a beautiful spot to fish even if you catch nothing!

Just being here and listening to the bubbling water is serene.

Sweet Vicki intently presenting a spinner to the trout.

See why I call her Sweet Vicki? A beautiful smile from a sexy lady!

Now here's an "Old Salt" that just caught a whopper!

We are gonna get some work done on the farm, then go again so Vick can catch one. See ya then!

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