Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not quite better

Hoping today would be a better day.  Not yet.  Skip's knee is still hurting but not as bad as last night.  We both slept until 7:30am when Casey woke us up.  I took her down to go out and left Skip stay in bed.  He got up at 11:30am and went down to make coffee.  I told him to wake me in a half hour.  Well, he forgot and I awoke to the smoke alarm.  Skip was going to make pickled eggs like he used to have back home in PA.  We bought eggs because our eggs are to fresh to hard boil.  1 1/2 dozen and guess what, he forgot they were on the stove and burnt the eggs.  He actually burnt the shells and the eggs turned out yellow.  What a mess.  That was the start of the day.  He redid the website and is down loading it now.  The day will improve if that works ok.  I still have the business of returning my phone to get a new one.  We'll do that tonight after art class.  Still not in a painting kinda mood.  We will have egg salad for lunch, was able to salvage some of the eggs to use as egg salad.  I'll add a little mustard you'll never know the eggs are a little off color.  Running late gotta go cook lunch.  Let you know how the art and phone return goes.

A little off color

what a mess

He's still smiling.

Casey was pissed at me and put my slipper in her water bowl

So far not a Cluckin' Good Day

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