Wednesday, April 30, 2008

April 30th… We have turkeys, black sex links & upset stomachs!!!

Well we went to Hilltown Agway and picked up the three turkeys, brought them home and segregated them into their own little area since their medicated starter mash is different than the chicken poults. They sure are cute.

We now have the three turkeys, the 10 Black Sex Links and the two remaining Bantams. Cindy called and talked to the hatchery and they are going to replace the 10 Bantams we lost, because another lady had trouble with hers also. Bantams are very fragile and must kept warm and fed from low feeders and low watering vessels for awhile until they are more hardy. We will spread some starter feed on newspaper and try to hand water them when we get them home and under heat.


We didn’t do anything with the barn today because Casey Mae had a big knot on the scruff of her neck where she received her shots about two weeks ago, so Sweet Vicki called the vet and he wanted to see her at 3:15 and I was sick in the stomach and didn’t feel like working on it. Vicki later started feeling ill also, so we went to the vet and he drained the bump of all the liquid and we rode to Woodstock where Vicki bought some pen tips for her special ink pens she uses in her watercolors with pen & ink. Upon returning, we canceled Danny for tomorrow, because we are behind on the barn and we are meeting the family later in the evening for Anita and Joe’s Anniversary. We need to get going on the barn rather than painting and doing artwork.

Esmarelda is now setting on a clutch of 9 eggs, but was off them this afternoon, so I would guess she is not satisfied with 9 eggs, but will add more. It’s her clutch, so it’s up to her how many she can handle. I’ll know when she stays on the nest (perking) that the number of eggs in there then will be the number of her chicks (we hope) Well See!!

The rat pack takes over the duck pen every afternoon. They intimidate the ducks and worry them to death until later in the evening when the chickens "chicken out" and head to their pen to go to roost, then the ducks take over again.

 The ducks wait until the chickens go home, then they go in for the night too.

We have several tree swallow families occupying the Martin House we put up last year. These little buggers eat their weight in mosquitos and bugs daily. My kind of birdie!!

 Sweet Vicki, a/k/a Old Vick Donald, the duck lady, refilling the bunnies watering bottle.

 All's well that end's well on the Cluckin' "A" Critter Farm..... Ga Night!

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