Saturday, April 12, 2008

Still out of commission

Another Saturday gone by without much accomplished on the farm.  It rained in the morning so Skip let me sleep in.  Skip is still walking like Fred Sanford with one eye.  He doesn't listen well to his nurse.  He doesn't take his medication or do his eye soaks.  It would be nice to have a fully intact man (2 working eyes and legs) on Wednesday when the very expensive skid steer loader will arrive.  Since we couldn't work we spent the early afternoon hunting bunnie for sale signs.  Drove through some of the local towns looking for bunnies with no luck.  If this was PA every few miles you would see bunnies for sale.  The Amish kids knew how to make a buck.  Ny kids are simply lazy, mommy and daddy give them everything they need, what a shame.  We did our Saturday routine of Kingston with the family at the chinese restaurant, we are really getting tired of the same food week in and week out.  We stayed out for four hours and Casey Mae couldn't hold it and wet her crate.  I had to put her in the sink and clean her up.  She loved it.  This morning I found a half a sock that entered Casey Maes stomach and came back out again, what a sight.  Labs are certainly different from shelties, they eat anything.  Took some pictures on our bunny excursion.  Some of the areas here are very old and very poor.  Not many houses, mostly just open space.  Our town has only 1 traffic light, all the ones we were out today had none.  We love driving through all these old towns.  Made our shopping stop today to buy carpet cleaner.  We're thinking of purchasing some stock in oxyclean.  With all the lab puppies out there I'm sure there are many others buying as much as we do.

A sock that came out of Casey.

one room school house.

Closed general store, too bad.

Anyone complaining about lack of closet space, this picture should cure that.

Casey Mae getting her first bath and loving it.

trying to drink the water

Hopefully your regular blogger will return to his duties tomorrow.  Stay tuned.

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