Saturday, April 26, 2008

Saturday, April 26th, 7:21 AM.. Art class is done.

We returned from the last evening of the art class given by Stanley Maltzman last night, put the animals away for the night and I attempted to write the blog entry, just like Vicki said. After entering all the text (like this) and entering all the pictures, this stupid program of a.o.l.’s crashed and I lost it all on the final picture download. It does this to me several times a week.

We did a watercolor picture of flowers and one of a barn… neither of which I like, but it was an exercise and fun.

The barn I did yesterday I really liked and thought it came out looking like an old barn… this one does not.

Anyway, here is a picture of the puddin’ head mutt, a strange egg we gathered and the finished deck, which we are very proud of. Next is a day off for rain and a trip to Kingston with Vicki’s parents today and then on to the barn! (weather permitting!) 

Oh yeah, after we do the shrubbery and flower beds next to the deck. (I almost forgot)

Casey Mae seems to like the new deck!!

This egg is a little different! ALL OVER!!!!!

This is the end of the deck where you seat company and entertain.

This is where you sit daily to eat breakfast and lunch and watch the animals of the Pupskill Bay Lake area!!!!!

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