Tuesday, April 1, 2008

our site crashed

Skip has been working on the cluckin'A site since 6am.  Not sure what got in and we're hoping we can get it back.  Some spyware has been getting into our computers even with all the anti spyware that we have.  It would have been a perfect day to finish the brooding house since the rain has stopped for a few hours.  Casey Mae has a vets appointment today at 1.30pm.  She's doing great.  She hasn't messed the house in 3 days.  She is a puppy with attitude,  yell at her at she mopes, won't even look at you.  She is stubborn as can be, when I feed all the dogs she wants to eat from all the other bowls but hers.  She likes adult food not puppy.  I even tried to out smart her by switching bowls but she won't go for it.  If I keep her crated during meal time she refuses to eat in the crate.  I have to leave the crate opened and then she'll eat.  Two bites and she's off and running to steal food.  She is a handful.

A handful even for Snavely Mill

A definite water dog

Stealing a bone

Can't keep her down

Definitely a happy and lucky dog

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