Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3...10:02...Hallelujah !!! The web site is fixed and running normally.

I started this morning when we got up and had it done by 2:30 this afternoon when Danny came for the art class. All the HTML files are now downloaded to a chippie and stored safely away. If I experience another crash. I can download in 2 minutes and be back up and running in 5 minutes.

By the way…..the burnt eggs made excellent egg salad sandwiches!

Vicki is in seventh heaven tonight. She got her iPhone this evening when we went to the Catskill AT&T phone store. She is playing with it right now. It is one awesome little piece of merchandise I must admit.

I am cooking my eggs to make the pickled eggs I attempted to do this morning. I have already cooked them and removed them from the heat, so now they are cooling so I can peel them. In another ½ hour, I’ll be putting them into the beet brine to pickle. Whoopee!

It is now 11:20 you know where your honey is? Mine's making and cooking egg rolls!! Yep... at 11:20... she's making & cooking egg rolls. Look below.

Got the oil hot enough?

Everyone that makes and cooks egg rolls at 11:20 PM, also has the Catskill Life and AARP magazine handy too.

Hunting for the ol' elusive tongs,now where are they...hum... aaah..................SKIP?

Lifting those little golden brown buggers... Let's eat!


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