Monday, April 7, 2008

April 7th 11:07 PM warm…Spring is here… Love it!

Went today to price wood and look at other buildings. Got the best lumber prices at GNH Lumber in Greenville. Also got the best price for the skid steer loader with post hole digger attachment there too. Delivered!!!!

Went fishing a while this afternoon, since that was Sweet Vicki’s Birthday wish…only to find the fish weren’t hungry… (if there were any fish there) Also…found out this evening from our neighbor that they stocked the very place we were fishing an hour after we were there. Also, Vick has this problem called amshm syndrome when it comes to her fishing equipment. That’s short for “all my stuff hates me” and it is recognized by fishing line that automatically knots up with more knots than a knotty pine board would have, or a reel that won’t reel the line in unless you hold the line tight between your fingers while reeling or tree limbs that grab at your line every time you cast out. It’s terrible!!!! And she loves to fish so much too. Really, I make it sound funny, but it isn’t and it isn’t her fault…she is using the same equipment as me and hers just won’t work. I can give her mine and she can fish the rest of the day without any trouble….But with MY EQUIPMENT!

We got our revised plans from Rich, who I will be forever indebted to…..and we bought a complete 20x Berger transit outfit tonight. We build and landscape way too much around here not to have one which will make life so much easier. We are now ready to start staking out the barn officially, shooting 90 degree reference corners and using offset stakes so we can sink the poles for the barn. Sorry we have no pictures, but there was little we could have taken pictures of today. Hopefully tomorrow. See ya then!


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