Sunday, April 20, 2008

April 20th, The faster we go, The behinder we get!

“The faster we go, the behinder we get”, is an old Pennsylvania Dutch saying that means the harder you try, usually the more mistakes you make … thus … you don’t get ahead when you must re-do everything because of haste.

Have you ever worked all day long and gotten no where? Well, today we were busy all day long and got very little accomplished.

We did move all the lumber from the driveway, by the stone pile to the rear deck, knowing that Ed Pooters Jr. was going to deliver our lumber for the barn today. Ed had trouble with his saw, so we only got 3 of the 6x10’s and the 8x12x14 for the dropped girder on the front. He will cut the rest and have them here by Tuesday afternoon at the latest. We told him to take his time….. we had awhile before we would need them.

We also put the last two posts into the ground, so tomorrow, we will start the 2x6 ties at the top of each post on the eight foot mark. After that, we will install 2x4 gussets in the corners and at other strategic places to make the structure rigid.

We need to get some super duper nails and tee plates for the large beam placement on top of the posts. We will get them from GNH no doubt.

Vicki and I are going to try to have as much done for Matt and Mark as we possibly can before they come up to do the upper loft and roofs. We want to give them as much of a chance to complete that in a week-end as we can.

This my friends, is Stew... Our Charlie Brown Rooster.

Tis' a sad thing... Stew's beauty next to MR's.

New deck boards for the rear deck expansion.

These are all the 2x8's for the underside structure.

This is the load of lumber Ed Pooters Jr. delivered today.

These are the 6x10 beams for overhead and the 8x12" on the bottom.

The bottom one is the biggest one to put in place. It measures 8"x12"x14 feet long. Quite Heavy!!!

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