Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thurs. evening… April 17th Over half way done!!!

We dug 45 holes and set 45 fence posts today and finished drilling all the holes for the 6 x 6 posts for the barn. We set 16 posts in the barn before running out of daylight.

Danny, the artist friend that comes every Thursday to paint helped us with the posts today instead of painting.

Tomorrow we will try to finish setting the posts before leaving for Richie’s for dinner as usual at around 5:00 PM.

The barn is beginning to take form and we will be placing tie plank and gusset materials on it this Sunday when the material is delivered.

After that we will call for Matt and his brother Mark to come up from Jersey to set the 6 x 10” beams and build the roof and install the metal roofing. They will also build the upstairs loft and install the roof too. Vicki and I will be their slaves that weekend.

Below are today’s pictures. enjoy!!

Danny and I planting a post.

Checking dimensions between posts. Over and over and over!

Sweet Vicki raked dirt until her arms were ready to drop off!!


And gonna rake some more!!!!!

Danny standing in front of "THE MACHINE". If you ever do something like this... get one of these skid steer loaders with the attachment. It's a life saver in rocky land. We could not have done the barn or fence without this!!! GUARANTEED!!!

1/2 a barn! the other half awaits completion... the holes are dug. We just need to set the posts.

The last eight posts needing set are in the truck bed ... awaiting tomorrow. (I hope)

We had a rash of moving posts toward the end of the day. We would measure and it would be ok ... then we would measure later and it would be off an inch or two... the worst "mover" was off 20" somehow. Anyway, We never buried and then exumed so many posts! Whew, I'm glad there are only eight more.

Going to bed now. See you tomorrow!

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