Saturday, April 12, 2008

.April 12, Saturday..warm, rainy..not much can be done!!


It’s such an ugly day with the yucky rain hanging over everything. I’m still limping around with one eye almost swollen shut and a ton of stuff to do. I could be working on the rear deck enlargement if my knee could take it. Maybe I better just lazy around a bit because Vick ordered the skid steer for Wednesday and I need to make dirt and posts fly starting then to stay on schedule so the (up high) crew from Jersey can come and do their thing. Friends from Jersey are going to do the setting of the 6”x10” beams on top of the 6”x6” posts we will set this coming Wednesday, and then frame out the upstairs loft, floor and entire roof so Vick and I don’t have to work off of ladders. (or fall off of ladders!!)

It wouldn’t be easy for sweet Vicki to be muscling huge timbers around, especially on a ladder and my knees wouldn’t take the ladder at all! God bless these friends!!! They are the same guys that remodeled our complete upstairs from start to finish (less drywall, trim and paint) in a week, and had it dry walled and painted and trimmed in two weeks! Unheard of in this area!!!! Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing Matt and his brother Mark again. Unfortunately, Jerri can't come due to his current business committments . Matt loves it here and considers it a bit of a vacation.

We are still looking for more bunnies to add to the pair in the brooding house, but we can’t seem to find any. Usually, there are bunnies advertised for sale everywhere you look . Not Now though!

Not since we want them. We did hear of a pet store in Catskill that has them for sale at $80.00 each. Bet they don’t sell many of those! They must lay those painted Easter eggs or go cluck-cluck-cluck or something for that kind of money!

If you’re reading this and you know of anywhere in the area that has rabbits, PLEASE email us and let us know, as we would appreciate it.

I suppose Sweet Vicki and I could run around looking for "bunnies for sale" signs in the area. (which we have seen in the past and can't remember the location of) Actually, I have some more lumber planning to do, so I guess you don't have to walk or see much to do that either.

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