Wednesday, April 2, 2008

not having a good day

Today has been one of the worst days we have had in quite some time.  The web site is a mess.  Skip has been at it for hours.  We worked on the brooding house in the freezing cold and my hands froze and Skip's knees are shot, don't know what he did.  Went to Catskill for lumber and stopped off at AT&T for a new phone.  Got the same phone as I had because I knew had to work it.  It looks the same but they made many changes and I hate it.  It is the motorola razr, my old one which was only 6 months old went bad, they replaced it and it was still not right so they let me upgrade.  I really hate this phone and I'm going back tomorrow to get them to make it work right.  Poor Skip is still on the web site.  On top of all that Casey who was  just about house trained, peed in the house 3 times today.  It's like she totally forgot her training since yesterday at the vet.  I am not in a good mood at all.  Mud season sucks, with 5 dogs running around in the yard they bring in the mud, it dries on the carpet and there's dust everywhere.  I dusted one week ago and look at the furniture (see below)  I gave in and decided to dust and vacuum again today.  The only thing that's not giving us trouble today are the turtles.  I think we need to go to bed, Skip is moaning and I am really pissy as you can tell from this entry.  Tomorrow is art day and I hope things go better cause as of right now I don't feel like painting anything.  Good night and let's hope for a better tomorrow.

Shelves for the chicks

creeks are muddy from all the rain. Took

picture on the way to Catskill.

He actually smiled for me.

unbelievable water flow

The pellet stove

Who's writing on my furniture?

I'm going to take some prilosec, put a heating pad on Skip's knees and go to bed.

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