Sunday, April 6, 2008

Wahoo!! 40 degrees and cloudy....but no rain!

Here it is ...8:40 in the morning time...cloudy...40 rain in the forecast and we have a brooding house to finish!

I think I will go up and rustle Vicki from a late morning sleep and incorporate her building efforts, along with mine, into an attempt to finish the bugger up and then, try to get the 6 x 6's needed for the barn, so we can get it started too. I don't foresee a huge amount to be done in the brooding house before we can call it done, but I still have this problem of seeing with teenager's eyes and doing with an old man body!! 

We need to definitely sit down during lunch and decide whether we start the barn after the brooding house, the deck extension, or both at the same time and switch between them during idle times, at one or the other, when you have to wait for some reason. Don't get me wrong....there are tons of things we could do already if we run into a problem with the barn, such as waiting for material or whatever, but we need to decide whether we want to just do something at that time or have the deck project in progress. We'll see.

We'll have pictures later today of the brooding house. (I hope)

Stay Tuned!! 


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