Monday, April 28, 2008

Lousy, rainy morning...should have stayed in bed!!


I know we need the rain badly, but I hate the gloomy sky, the chill in the air and the stoppage of outside work because of it. I am ripping to get at the barn so we can start seeing some changes there. All we have now are sticks in the ground. I need to see some form ....... something that resembles a building. I want to finish the flower bed and get the plants put away..... I believe Vicki said the chicks are to come in today.... maybe..... at least we have another section closed off and toasty warm for them. In fact, if we need more, we have a third section fixed up too. We should actually get a call from Hilltown Agway and Altamont Agway too. We ordered some exotic chickens up in Altamont (near Albany....kinda) because the guys at Hilltown didn't seem to want to order them for us. ANYWAY, they should call soon.

Looks like today will be a running day or a "just sit around and read, paint or write day".

We'll try to get some pictures of today's happenings or something for ya.

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