Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4 - 11:58PM Midnight writer

Hi all...We're finally home for the evening. Had a really nice visit and Dinner with Rich, Rob, Anita and Joe and as time melted away, We talked about Vicki's iPhone and other things of interest to all. Rich didn't have time to edit our prints yet. He said he would have them done Sunday and bring them down to us to visit. He wants to see the brooding house.

Really tired, but promised to Blog some new pictures from today. Here they are.

Now let me ask ya......Do ya get it? He doesn't want ya there.

Casey Mae the road warrior. Look at her go.

Beautiful misted mountains up near Lexington where Richie lives.

One of the thousands of streams near Richie.

Boy, I wish I could talk to this old wooden silo... I bet it is full of History and revelation.

Big flock of Turkeys on the road to Richies house. About a mile to a mile and 1/2 from his house.

Vicki's Mom, Anita holding Casey Mae

This is Joe. Vicki's Father.


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