Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 10:16 PM.. Smooth Sailing from here on IN!!!!

Well, We made it through this day without rain even though it is cold and yucky!!

It should be sunny and warm tomorrow....and the rest of the week!

We went to Catskill and got the cement pillar bases and the 4 posts we needed for the rear deck expansion and some 2x4’s for chicken roosts in their outside pen. We now leave them free range during the day, but if we need to leave before dark, it’s near impossible to get them all inside before we leave, so we thought we could place some higher roosting bars in the outside pen, close the inside door and they could go into the pen and roost up near the top, away from predators and when we get home, we can close the outside door and open the inside door to leave them into the hen house.

Tomorrow, we’ll install the high roosts and remove the broken hot tub from the rear deck, along with the railings and flower beds along the existing deck where the expansion will take place. We’ll take pictures of all this so you can see what we are doing.

Our friend Kenny is coming over tomorrow to visit and have coffee. We were going to go around and check prices on lumber, but We feel that we should go to his cousin Frank’s mill as we planned….after all, they helped us out last year by doing a special run to cut lumber for us the day before Thanksgiving and we need to return the favor and buy our lumber from him!

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS’ TO MAINTAIN HAVING LOCAL BUSINESS. Failure to do so has caused many a “Mom and Pop” local business’ or small town to go under to “whore stores” like Wal-Mart, K-Mart and strip-malls. End of Lecture!!!!

We stopped on the way back from Lowe's (as we always do) to admire the stream flowing under the road as it comes from the Pupskill Bay Lake. Sometimes we see the wood ducks, other ducks, a muskrat or maybe Bucky Beaver on his way upstream. There was nothing there today except raw beauty......there and across the road in the big Bay Pond. check for yourselves and see if you see the raw beauty!

One of the upper dams and a new one that is under construction. Bucky sure keeps busy!

Raw Beauty...Anytime of the year. Also home to many critters... large and small.

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