Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday evening, April 27th… Lost all the Bantams but three!

We don’t understand what happened, but we lost 9 of 12 chickens in this last batch to something. We talked today to the Hilltown Agway crew and they weren’t sure what might have happened either. Maybe they got cold. If they did, I don’t know how. We had the heating lamp on them and the dead ones were under the lamp, just like the live ones. We took a stab in the dark today after returning from Agway. We sectioned off the long area and cut it down to 2’ x2’ square and lowered the heat lamp down to about 16” from the bottom. The remaining three have been active and running around from the beginning…. no difference….. yet 9 died and these three are still active and healthy. Agway said no one else has complained about sick chicks, so we have to think it is something we did wrong. Who knows. This is the first time we have lost chicks…….and we have raised our share.

The deck is completely done now and we are working on the flower beds and shrubbery and we will be completely done then. Have one more flower bed to finish and then it’s on to the barn. We Shot the reference point dimension today and marked every post. The next thing is to measure up the 52” from each 44” mark we shot with the transit level and mark that spot (which is our definite 8’ mark), then run a ring all the way around each post with the square and start installing the 2x6’s and steel plates for the 6x10’s. As soon as we can get this done, we can call Matt and Mark and tell them we are ready. Stay tuned!! (I promise to start taking pictures as we do this stuff.)

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