Saturday, April 5, 2008

April 5th...and here we are again!

As I told you earlier...we went to a school play that our niece Katie was playing in and our nephew Kenny was the lighting director. He tells his boys when to illuminate their respectively, assigned lights throughout the play. It was a very interesting play set in the old an Arizona town named Tumbleweed. It was a VERY funny play as they all are. The kids do an excellent job of acting and there is a lot of singing. It is just a very pleasurable evening every time we are invited.

This is our niece, Katie, on the left portraying a Dr. in the play.

Here is Katie receiving a bouquet of roses after the play.

Here is the entire cast of the play.

Katie...Our Niece from the mountains.

Kenny...Our nephew...the Lighting Director.

Tomorrow we will finish up the brooding house and take some pictures as soon as we do. I will also get Vicki to take pictures of the brooding house in operation as soon as the chicks, ducks and turkeys come. She is going to try to put the fourth area to work with some bunnies too.

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