Friday, April 18, 2008

What a day!! .. aborted posts .. flew to Albany!!

We aborted placing posts with two left uncompleted and flew to Albany to order our metal roofing for the barn as soon as we found out they needed to place the order before closing today if it was to be delivered next week. This also meant we would miss dinner at Richie's tonight. Oh Well, we were to be there tomorrow also, so I guess we won't miss too much because of the change.

We went to Bradco roofing on railroad street in Albany and placed the order since they will not do it over the phone. (something to do with special cut and signing off because there is no refunds) OK. We can dig it… just wasted half a day. We could have been finishing up the barn for now and picked up on the deck project again. OH WELL… tomorrow’s another day.

Hey … We haven’t given you any new pictures of Casey Mae recently and she is getting to be a biggie girl. Goes to the door and whimpers to be out to do her duddies and stuff.

She is the best little pup you could ever have. She isn’t much bother for a puppy at all. She was in the shower with Sweet Vicki this morning… what a sight… a sexy woman and a cute pup fighting for the water… next time…I’ll have the camera handy and you’ll see for yourselves.

Below are pictures of Casey Mae, the ducks and the barn as we left it today.

Here's how we left the barn until tomorrow

I saw this lump on the far end of the pond. Look close... it's a wild mallard drake. He lives here now.

Here isour ducks enjoying the pond.

End of the day for the ducks. They're all going home for the night.

Look at the size of Casey Mae compared to Princess.

Here she is again!!

Begging for attention ... and she gets it!!!

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