Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31...10:10 PM Long day, short list..No Maybe's

Today was a waste, yet it wasnt. Vicki had her appointment in Tannersville at 1:00 in the afternoon and we made that. Since we were so close to Richie’s house, we decided to drop the edited prints for the big barn off so he could re-scale and redraw it for us. I think I can create the lumber list from the drawing I did that isn’t scaled, but I will definitely wait for the footprint dimensions to actually start the final construction. We can get the 6x6x12’ ground contact type treated posts here in the mean time.

Went to Hilltown Agway and placed our order for 52 chicken pullets, 3 turkeys and 6 ducks.(wanted to get a picture of the ducklings & chicks, but there were none there today) All 63 of them will occupy the new brooding house for the first 2 month at least. Until then we will have the new barn up and the chickens and turkeys will then occupy the fowl room. In may, we will pick up the guinea hens and they will have a top shelf in the brooding house with the young runner ducks on the bottom. Finally all should be old enough to start free ranging and using the barn. The new runner ducks should then be indoctrinated into the duckie community……..We hope.

Here is a really nice drive way with a lot of appeal as it appears along the Schoharie Turnpike. Wouldn’t you like to live here? (don’t ask where the house is, for I couldn‘t answer that)


I can never find the house as we drive by???????

Here are a few pictures of Casey Mae, who is growing in leaps and bounds!

Casey Mae and Snavely Mill


This would be the long and short of it! Casey Mae & Puppy D. Pooh Bear (a.k.a. Bear) seems to be warming up a little to Casey Mae.

I shot a few pictures of the barn where we did the preliminary stake-out of the poles. It gives you an idea where it will be in reference to the house and duck house.

Facing North...toward the house.

Facing Toward the duck house. As you cansee, it lays a little wet here too. I know there isn't much you can see here now, but in the very near future, you will see a lot on this site, so stay tuned!

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