Wednesday, May 28, 2008

evening...May 28th… Vicki better…Barn improving…all’s well.

We worked on the barn a little bit this morning, afternoon and into this evening. I’m ready for the skid steer with forks tomorrow morning I got the big beam up and bolted to the other one in four places with thru-bolts. First thing in the morning, I’ll set the 8” x 12” beam for the office floor, then all the other beams in the loft area.

This big beam is ready to go up first thing in the morning.

Looking more and more like a barn

The stones make it look different.

The stones level everything out and give it perspective.

There are more stones to go down later.

Here the beam is bolted to another for extra strength.

Ed Pooters Jr. of Middlefield Lumber Company, delivered ½ of the board and batten lumber for the ground level wall covering. He also delivered part of the perlins for the roof and is planning on delivering the rest of the order tomorrow morning. The skid steer will make it simple to unload eds trailer tomorrow. He can just swing in and I’ll snatch it off the trailer wholesale and set it down on the ground.

The Boards and batten strips. Perlins are piled behind them.

Vicki is a little sick in the stomach this evening. Don’t know if she is catching a bug or what. I wouldn’t be surprised being at the EmUrgentCare virus & bacteria storage area. (waiting room with pink eye, colds,flu and God knows what else that the people there don’t mind passing around to unsuspecting victims!) We wash with alcohol wipes and Purell liquid to try to get ahead of the bugs, but I think airborne stuff is just plain caught by breathing it. Anyway, Vick is perched on the couch feeling sick. (She can’t seem to catch a break at all!)

I purposely quit a little early this evening so I could snap a few pictures of the chickens and such, because we had a explicit request for animal & bird pictures. Well they are here tonight, along with the barn.

An afternoon Siesta La Duck!

The others on the move.....they saw me!

They're grouping......for something big!

The Intermediate chick pen. They're getting BIG!

The Intermidate Section again! Soon they'll move on to the adult side!

The Barred Plymoth Rocks! Cuties ehh? about two weeks old.

The young adult section. Soon they will move on to the chicken coop!

Bunnies.....quiet, clean and sweet as sugar!

Look at the albino eyes!

This is one of the little Dwarf Rabbits.

The turkeys.....Young Adults putting and purring.....

They are getting their colors.....Beautiful as can be.

They are Standard Bronze Turkeys. They'll look like wild turkeys.

Again.....The Cluckin' "A" Dogs.....always watching over things!

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