Thursday, May 8, 2008

May 8th…. Rain, rain, go away, got too much to do today!

Today is art day and Danny will be here at 2:00 with bells on. I say this because we have missed the last two weeks and I know we are looking forward to the break and painting today, so I bet his is missing it too! Until then, we will put some bottom boards up or go pick up the drill and re-bar we need. Maybe both…..who knows. We also need to pick up 4 more 6x6’s for some changes we made to the upstairs that will eliminate the 18 needed 6” hangers @ $35.00 a piece.

After the addition of these 4 posts, all beams up there will lay on top of one another, rather than hang on them.

When these issues are resolved, we are going to start setting beams and then the flooring upstairs. After that, things will start flying and people passing by will see changes daily. Right now it probably looks like we are the slowest builders on the planet.

Soon we should get a call from those Altamont Agway folks telling us that our 6 special peeps are there. That will necessitate a trip to Altamont to pick them up. I hope they call during the rainy days coming up.

We still have the landscape timbers on the one side of the deck to finish up too, then replant the bushes and plants that were in there. That will finish the deck project completely.

We hope to have a few pictures for you today, but it sure is gloomy right now. We’ll see.

Here's a beautiful flowering pear tree in the yard!

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