Saturday, May 3, 2008

May 3rd… Rain, Rain, Rain……….. Yuck!!

It sure looks to me like today and building a barn are totally different subjects which go together like cats & dogs…. fire & water….light & dark or maybe politicians and honesty!

Just Ain’t Gonna Happen!!

I know we need the rain and reservoirs are starting to look like they did last year, etc., but we want to get this barn done….have to get this barn done… we’re working on a schedule here! The “Jersey Boys” (Matt & Mark) are only able to come up here until around June sometime and we have critters and birds that are going to need a barn when grown enough to leave the brooding house….. Therefore, maybe today will happen…… in between raindrops… who knows!!

We have the entire day to work on this bugger if only the weather would co-operate for once. Maybe it will clear a little and we can put the compressor, saw and framing gun under a tarp like yesterday during the rain showers. At least we will get some lumber up and move forward.

The new chickens are doing very well and we are ready for the 10 replacement Bantams along with the other 12 Vicki re-ordered, the 10 Wyandotte’s from Hilltown and the 6 Barred Rocks from Altamont, which should all come this coming week. We are also going to receive 6 guinea hens sometime in June. This should be a real Cluckin’ “A” farm when all these chicks are grown and laying eggs everyday!

Man it’s wet out there!!

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