Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13th….A Beautiful Day! We’ll get a lot done today!!!!!

First We will finish the stairwell wall from the doorway to the corner, to the stairwell. This wall will encompass the door to the feed room, just inside the large front door. Here we will be able to unload and load feed during rainy days and it will remain dry. Next we will install the last of the lower beams that will support the upper loft beams, which are actually floor beams. We will need to have Dick’s skid steer for that, because they will be 9’8” up there and the tractor bucket has to be cribbed a foot for 8 feet.

Just got a call saying a tractor trailer will be here in ½ hour with our steel roofing on it. Gotta go make a place for it!!

More post later…….Keep tuned.

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