Sunday, May 18, 2008

May 18th….Minimal change in Sweet Vicki’s back pain!

Tomorrow we go to a Doctor and have more x-rays taken to see what is wrong with Vick’s back if I have anything to say about it. It’s not Dr. Lee’s fault, but he needs to see current pictures, which I hope he will prescribe in the morning.

Something is slightly out of line or pinched when she stands straight, because when she sits or is on her hands and knees, she doesn’t have the pain. Straighten up and stand on both feet and then she has the pain. If Lee has current x-ray’s, he can do whatever is needed then.

The front yard is loaded with wild geese and their goslings. There are at least 3 couples with babies. They are in the yard all day long no matter what we do, because they just watch us, knowing we will not bother their babies or them.


Rain, rain, rain……that is all it has done today, as the following picture of the rainbow shows. I captured it in between one of the dozen rain showers today.


Vick is down in the dumps and really bored with this back thing. We were invited to join Stanley Maltzman and his lady friend Joyce, for brunch at Red’s Diner this morning at 10:30, but as I figured last night when Vicki accepted the invitation, she wasn’t able to make it. She was very disappointed, but couldn’t expect to crawl into the restaurant and that’s the only way she can maneuver without the excruciating pain. I’ve done nothing these last few days except be with Vick, make something to eat and feed the birds, bunnies and dogs….. Just the same as she would have done for me if I was in the same situation as her.

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