Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17th….. Yesterday sucked!! Hope today is better!


Yesterday it rained all day long and Vicki was confined to the couch all day long, into the evening and up until bedtime. Her hip is only a little better than before and we will go to Dr. Lee again today. I cleaned the brooding house and fed and watered the birds and bunnies, left the ducks and chickens out and sat on the couch with Vick. The ducks disappeared to somewhere and didn’t show up until late last evening just at dark. I thought perhaps they went across the road into the large lake over there and Vicki wanted me to go look for them in the car, but they showed up at the last minute.

As you well know, I didn’t blog last evening, there were no pictures or anything. That’s how much last evening sucked!!!!!!!

We are hoping for a better day today. Vick hasn’t gotten up yet, so I don’t know how well she can stand or walk, if at all. If she is better, I may work on the barn……If not, it will be a repeat of yesterday on the couch until it’s time to go to Dr. Lee.

This couldn’t happen at a worse time and Vicki is really down in the dumps about it. We have a barn that must be completed to be ready for the guys from Jersey, grass to mow, animals to care for, etc., etc., etc.

Hoping for the best today………………..or at least better!!!!!!

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