Thursday, May 15, 2008

May 15th, 9:20 PM A bad day for Vicki…….

This morning, Vicki got up with a sore back….so sore in fact, that she could hardly Walk, so she called Dr. Lee on the mountain and made an appointment to go up there. We had been to Catskill a couple days ago for x-rays of her back and the results were sent to Dr. Lee so he was glad to see her today anyway. The x-rays were good news with very minor arthritis in her spine and very minor degenerative disc disease. Now, the bad news is that she has a pulled hamstring in her left knee which, through over compensating as she walked, has caused a very sore SI joint ligament on the right side which is inflamed and swelled enough to be pushing the pelvis slightly out of joint. She needs to rest horizontally or walk, but walking is excruciatingly painful. The hamstring will take a week or so of rest to recover, but never comes back 100%.

I spent the day with Vick except to move the 6 ducklings from the brooding house to the big ducks house. We put a pair of baby gates in the corner to keep the big guys from picking on them. Now they will live in the big duck’s house.

We then moved the turkeys to the other side of the room and under the chicks. This will allow us to clean the other side where the ducks were and place more screen there for chickens when the new ones finally come and a place for the little Guinea hens when they come. Tomorrow I go to the barn again and try to get hold of Dick.

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