Wednesday, May 7, 2008

May 7th…. Wha whoooooo the tops are off!! ready for bottoms

All the tops are cut off flush and were ready for the beams to be set! I have a little job to do for Dick, Jeff’s Dad, over at the house he is building. I’ll go over and help him and he is going to come over with his skid steer with forks and set the beams for us. I will need to do a little more preparations for the beams though, because we just stopped at GNH this afternoon and ordered our pre-made steps for the hay loft. They will be boxed steps, nice enough to stain, even though we are not going to. At $259.00 for a 9 foot, 9 inch, rise x 36” wide pre-made boxed steps, it’s a steal. All we need to do is frame out a 36” x 10 foot stairwell opening and when the steps arrive, set them into place & screw them fast. DONE!!

We also took the time to do a little mowing today…out front, the dog run, the side yard (which Ol’ Vic Donald did) and around the front garden pond. We also ran to GNH and got the Fernco fitting to get the pump back in and the waterfall running. Looks pretty good and sounds even better.

Ol' Vick Donald raking leaves around garden pond.

Getting pretty..... cleaned and running.

Looks good and sounds even better!!!

We now need to size up the bottom boards for the board and batten and get them on and do some suring with re-bar on the center posts. Then we put the beams up!

Looking better every day. Ready to put bottom boards on and drive rebar in post legs. Then beams go on.

Alls well in peep land!! Agway gave us three sickly little scudder’s to care for because they were in bad shape when they arrived with the shipment and were near death, so we brought them home and hand watered and tried to feed them every hour last night, but we lost two of the three. The good news is that we did save one and it is now among the 40 some other chicks and you can’t pick it out of the rest.


All the chicks are doing good. They are cute as can be.

The 6 ducks are huge!!!

And the 3 turkeys arent far behind.

The big ducks are still entertaining the wild geese....and today, our ducks were 400 yards down the stream almost to the road. We yelled at them from the road, but I think I saw one give me the finger........or in their case the wing tip and just went on doing what they were doing! They're so indignant.

The chickens went to roost already at 7:15. I took this picture with the door open and no flash! Talk about early to bed.....

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