Wednesday, May 14, 2008

May 14th…afternoon…We need more stuff! more, more, more…

It is now 4:30 in the afternoon and I am wasted…..and out of metal plates and angle clips. I’ve bought and returned and re-bought these flat metal plates so many times that the girl at Lowe’s will surely ask what nut house I’m working at!

We decided to set beams even though we couldn’t get Dick over here with his skid steer…… fact, we haven’t heard anything from him yet, so it’s hard to tell where he may have been today. We’ll hear from him this evening when he returns home. Anyway, I set all the beams on the left side of the building and if we don’t see anything of Dick tomorrow, I’ll set the other 7 low beams and then it will be up to the skid steer to set the 14’s across and the 11’s on the end push-out section. They are entirely too high for the Cub Cadet to get up there, so we’re held hostage to Dick at that point.

Here's where we started this morning.

We got all the beams on the left side....Right side is next!!!

These beams support the roof system.

We also have to swing around Danny’s house and tell him we need to postpone the art sessions usually scheduled for Thursdays until after summer is over…….. at least the formal, scheduled sessions, because we are too busy.

We stopped for lunch and threw a couple hamburgers on the grill. While we were eating, we saw a glob on the one chair and wondered who may have smeared or dropped something during the cookout on Mother’s Day. We figured it was a desert food of some type that one of the kids probably dropped off of their plates and didn't see it fall. Were we surprised when we took a napkin to wipe it up. See below.

Look someone spilled something on the chair. Looks like a blob of pudding

What is this blob of crap smeared on the chair?

Look close and tell me what it is?


Snavely is always checking things out. Surprised she didn't bark at it!

WhaHooooo….I forgot…..GNH delivered the steps this afternoon. Check them out!!!!!!! And only $259.00 pre-made.

Wow! Look at these stairs for this kind of money!! Only $259.00

Here's where we quit today. Right where we started, but with a beam in place and a support.

This is the stairwell where the stairs will slip into when the upstaies floor is started to be laid.

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