Monday, May 5, 2008

May 5th… Back to normal on the farm and lovin’ it!!

Now that I’ve blown off steam about the wasted day in Catskill and Vicki’s disappointment with the Greene County Board of electrical examiners (a/k/a/ The Godfathers), it’s back to normal again.

Tomorrow we are planning to start on the barn in a big way. We will have the entire day to work on it and hope to be finished and ready for the skid steer w/ forks to set the big beams by days end. Once we get the skid steer from Windham Rental here, we will set the big beams and then lay the plywood floor upstairs for the loft. After that it will be time to start the framing of the hay loft. This is becoming quite a project and I’m actually enjoying it.

We put the ducks and chickens away earlier and saw Marvin again, (you know….Marvin the Muskrat) He was bringing greens into his burrow in the bank of the Pupskill Bay Lake. We also saw about a dozen geese and several ducks flying overhead, looking for a place to land and spend the night. Usually they set on our pond or the one across the road.

I have almost finished my book “An Uncommon Journey” which I am going to publish in paperback soon and offer on the products page. It is about Vicki and Myself and the story of how we got together and started the Cluckin’ “A” Critter Farm. It may go to the publisher within a month or two, but it is a very interesting tale of two people living a life of dreams. If you like a good story packed full of comedy, adventure, dreams and laughter, perhaps you should read it when I release it.

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