Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday May 30th… 4:45 pm…An Awesome Occurrence!!!!!

There was a blood curdling squawk and then a scream-like noise that could be heard for 10 city blocks, as the rest of the chickens and ducks began to squawk as if a busload of foxes just arrived at the brooding house where a McChickies sign hung over the door. The dogs chimed in and the neighbors came running like the Amish farmers did when Farmer Lapp rang the bell in the movie “Witness“. I was taken aback as I snoozed in the Lazy boy couch recliner in the living room and Vicki was watching The Beverly Hillbillies on TV. I jumped to attention and started to run before I was fully awake, expecting to find a knife stuck in Vicki’s back and a burglar ready to do me in, but before I could protect her or myself, I fell headlong over the dog that had jumped and started running also. As I picked myself off the floor and continued looking bewildered, Vicki screamed “It came from the hen house!” and I started running again……this time watching where I was going. When I arrived at the hen house……all the birds were standing at the open door looking in as if they were a mob of city pedestrians that gather at the site of a murder and just gawk at everything . As I pushed past the mob of chickens and ducks peering into the hen house, I saw a hen leaning against the wall, her head laying upon her outstretched wing which was supporting her weight as she leaned against the wall and nesting box……her other wing slowly fanning air across her face and waddle, giving one the impression she had or possibly was going to faint. I finally got the picture of what had happen and why she had squawked and screamed such a blood curdling scream. Just look at this egg! It has to be 3½” Long!!

The egg in the center is an average sized egg. Now this is the "long & short of it"!

We have received miniature eggs before, but this is the first super long egg of this kind and probably the last that this young lady will ever lay!! Tomorrow we’ll be serious! Honest!!

The end!

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