Thursday, May 22, 2008

May 22nd…. Vicki had a miserable night…All Night!!!!!

Vick slept from about 10:30 until around 1:15 when I was awakened by her constant whimpering and crying… sometimes in her near-sleep, which lasted until around 5:10 this morning. She has a constant pain that doesn’t even allow her to find a spot where the pain is lessened or relieved. I feel so bad, because all I can do is rub her back and head which makes her feel like I am close and trying to relieve the pain, but I know it doesn’t ease it, even the smallest amount… It just shows I love her and feel her pain too.

She just got off the phone with Dr. Lee, who has arranged for a CAT scan at 2:00pm in Catskill. He believes he see a slight bulging of the disc on her old x-ray, but discs do not show well on x-rays, not like they do on a CAT scan. Looks like we are finally onto something!

Whaooooo……… Vicki was to call Greene County Imaging and confirm the appointment that Lee had faxed the script for, but they didn’t receive the prescription. When Vick called back to Lee’s office, his wife said the fax was broken this morning and Lee thought he had fixed it and faxed the script to Greene County Imaging, but obviously the fax didn’t work properly. Just another little obstacle….we’ll sit tight and wait for the resolution and then make the appointment. Again……When it rains, IT POURS!

It is now 11:41 and Lee is still in a meeting. He will need some time to get the script to Greene County Imaging, so we are not counting on a 2:00pm CAT scan today. We'll post when we know.

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