Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1st …Forward motion, then we fell & lost ground

Well, I did it again!! Screwed up the lumber list and we need a little more of one thing and some the right length of another! We are 6 short on the 6x10s 8’ long and 10 short on the 2x6’s 14’ long. Ed at Middlefield is going to deliver the 2x6’s tomorrow so it doesn’t hold us up. He is a great guy and eager to please if he can. We will order the 6x10’s tomorrow because he is cutting the 1x4perlins for the roof which are not done yet, so we will just add the 6x10’s to that order.

We did get started, but stopped to calculate and regroup to be sure that we were going in the right direction, then in the middle of that we got the call from Hilltown Agway, saying our light Brahmas’ were in and we had to go to pick them up.

These light Brahma's are cute little fella's aren't they?

This is what the light Brahma adults look like.

We put everything away and took off for Agway and our chicks. After returning home and placing the 10 light Brahma chicks under the heat lamps and making them drink and eat, We went to get showered to be ready to go to Falvey’s on the mountain. When we went inside and up to the bedroom to get showered, there was a message on the house phone that we could not go to Falvey’s because they were closed for painting and remodeling, so we were to meet everyone at the Dug-Out in Kingston instead. PANIC!!!! We were instantly running late! Falvey’s is only 15 minutes from us and Kingston is a good 45 to 50 minutes. We had planned everything around the 15 minute trip…not the 45 to 50 minutes trip, so we jumped into high gear and showered at warp speed, dressed, put the ducks away, herded all the chickens inside except Stewie Brown (Charlie Brown’s Rooster with the sickly tail, quite like Charlie Brown’s sickly Christmas Tree) Stewie wouldn’t go into the pen even after 25 or more passes of the open door. I finally got tired of this game and let him run free and was in the car in a flash and we were off for Kingston.

We had a mediocre dinner at the Dug-Out at the cost of $325.00 for the eight of us. Poor dining for that kind of money…because I think the place is a dump and you wait forever for the lousy food, but it wasn’t our anniversary, so you just go along…you know..

Upon returning to home, we went out to see if we could find Stewie or a pile of feathers. He was huddled in a fluff of feathers on the ground awaiting someone to come along or daylight. We put him into the henhouse and closed the door behind him again.


This pair of geese are nesting here now!

They are comfortable enough to sleep while we work close by.


The rest of the time they just watch us work!!

Tomorrow is another day!! Who knows what it willhold for us.

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