Thursday, May 29, 2008

May 29th…. What a day! Vicki much better, Beams Up!!

We made monumental headway to the barn today! We got all the beams up except the last 3 short ones on the outside which I can do anytime. Tomorrow, after Vicki’s dr. appointment, I will start to position the beams, lock them into place and cut the ends off flush, open up the stairwell to place the steps into it and be ready to install the upstairs floor. We are now checking to see if rough cut plank is going to be cheaper than plywood for the floor. Anyway, we will be doing the floor next or the board and batten around the bottom or both at the same time since we have the lumber here. The bottom line is this…… we are on schedule again and will be ready when Matt and Mark come on June 27th.


All the beams are gone! I love the look!!!!!

All the beams but 3 are in place ready to lock them down.

The flooring goes on top of the highest beams.

Some beams run one way....some beams the other way!

This will be the office floor on top of these beams.

The other ones are the loft floor area.

We decided to go to Paul’s in Coxsackie for a nice dinner, so we rounded up the ducks before we went. To my surprise, as we went out the pond banks looking for the ducks, I happened onto a painted turtle……….LAYING EGGS IN THE BANK!!!! Below are the pictures of a seldom seen event in nature!

Moma turtle digging an egg hole!

She just shot the first egg into the hole.

She sits down, grunts and pulls her head in and an egg flys!!

A hole full of eggs. We'll continue to watch for them to hatch!


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