Tuesday, May 27, 2008

may 27th…. Evening….Back from Dr. Lee McGunnigle!!!!

We went to Dr. Lee this afternoon and he gently adjusted Vicki’s back at the L5 disc which is herniated, setting on the nerve bundle which is causing the severe pain. This now looks like the 2nd week of the 4 to 5 week healing process for this classic injury. Vick is now happy that it is a classic injury experienced by 85% of the adult American population and not a mystery pain that no one can find the cause of. She has the same pain……but now she knows why and will deal with it. Before…….who knew…..it could have been cancer or chronic spinal disease, etc., etc.

She also has an appointment with MaryLou Murrock for Friday this week to cover and discuss the condition. We want to keep her in this loop, so the injury is not a surprise to her and it gets added into Vicki’s medical chart with her.

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