Friday, May 9, 2008

May 9th…. Calling for on and off rain! Just a pain in the butt.

You may not see a lot of changes in the barn project today, because they are calling for that pain in the ass rain that starts and stops all day long. You no more than get started, and it dumps on you… Quit and before you get to something else, you look out the window and it isn’t raining anymore. We can, however, drill the holes in the porch posts and the interior posts and drive the re-bar into the ground. (these are to insure the posts don’t sink any when the weight of the beams are set on top of the posts)

We also need to go get flowers at Lowe’s or where ever Sweet Vicki has in mind…. and grab some lunch.

Later, we need to hang some nylon screen in front of the turkey and chicken openings so they can’t fly out of their compartments. (there is a difference in feeds with medicines in young chicks & turkeys, yet none in ducks) We need to look at changing the ducks to the bottom, under where they are now and move the bunnies over to the other side under the chickens.


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