Monday, May 12, 2008

May 12th….day is done…1st beam is up…stairwell almost done.

We made some headway today! We pounded fourteen 4’ re-bars into the posts that were left to do from Saturday. Till you’re done with that, your arms hang at your side like a gorilla……your knuckles dragging on the ground. Check Sweet Vicki pounding one in and you’ll understand what we are doing to prevent the posts from sinking. She is doing one side then moves to the other side and does another just like this one.

Some of these we drove through rock.

Finish pounding this one then go around the other side and do another one.

The first beam is up and in place, plated and ready for beam two to be placed correctly so we are ready for Dick to come over with the skid steer with the forks to place the rest.

The first beam was placed on top.

The huge 8x12 on the bottom goes on the very top front.

We wanted to place the first two beams so we could pre-cut the others and have them ready to heist up into place. After placing the 14’6” beam, we framed out the stairwell to receive the pre-made stairs when they arrive….. which should be coming any day now. We will place the 2nd beam on the two 6x6 posts framed into the stairwell, so the floor beams will sit on top of the 2nd beam and not hang on the side of it which will make it far stronger.

The two dark posts by ladders are the partially done stairwell.


Stairwell being framed out. 2nd post goes on top of the two posts by ladders.

Take a look at the geese…..They were about 7 to 10 feet from me when I clicked these pictures. They don’t care and we don’t worry them.


Here are a couple pictures of the nylon we hung in the brooding house. You can see a duck looking over the top on one divider.


And finally, the ducks are calling it a day when they retire to the duck yard…..just waiting for sundown when they congregate in the duck house and quack until they fall asleep.

All’s well that ends well!

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