Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Went to Altamont and got chicks

Vicki made the trip to Altamont and we picked up the Barred Plymouth Rock pullets they ordered for us and brought them home. The 6 pullets made the trip without incident, but when we pulled into our driveway, we were met with Esmarelda, lying dead in the front yard. There were no teeth marks or any signs of trauma or feather loss. It was as if she had a heart attack and just died. Perhaps she ate something in the yard that was poisonous to her. She was probably Stewie Brown's (our Charlie Brown rooster with one tail feather that looks bad) most faithful follower.(in fact, the only one to follow him) We'll miss her.

Vicki is still in pain. I made her a fuzzy navel a little while ago and if she drank it, she will hurt no more (for awhile). Gotta go check on her.  

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