Friday, May 30, 2008

May 30th….. Vicki to the Dr.’s office and doing Great!!

Well this morning is another day of improvement for Vicki. She is able to traverse the steps and walk further and further each day and sleeps every night, almost all night long with little or no pain at all. Now the challenge is to keep her from overdoing it since she has waited so long for the pain to subside. You know she is feeling better, because she sat outside yesterday, on a pillow, on the John Deere garden tractor as I placed beams on the barn with the skid steer. She was my eyes as I was busy maneuvering beams on the top of the posts and rails. Now today when we went to Rite-Aid to pick up her two prescriptions and renew mine for my blood pressure prescription, we had to go to GNH and she bought a new Dewalt heavy-duty 12, double-bevel sliding compound miter saw on a beautiful table. I might add at this time that she is the “Tool Lady”………..just like Tim Taylor on “Home Improvements”…….. I always have to drag her out of the tool section in every store we go into. She would stay and drool over every tool in every isle if I didn’t yank her outta there.

She has a point. There are a bunch of boards to cut when we start covering the walls with board and batten and this will positively make the job easier and quicker and with the tailstock end of the table holding the board you’re cutting….. it is a gem to use.

I’ll have to send out two emails here shortly to find out what Spencer and Bill think of the super neat photos of the painted turtle laying eggs along the bank of the pond. Now here is something you don’t see everyday and we captured it on film, so to speak. (it’s digital….but a photo)

Took a day off from the barn to rest. I’m beat from muscling the beams around while standing on the ladder, making sure not to push or pull while in the wrong position, anyway, the skid steer might place them on top, but you need to move them into position by hand and lock them down by pounding 20 nails in metal plates and 8 screws in two angle clips per every beam put up. That’s a big beating for old hands and arms that have done more than enough heavy labor in his time, so a day is definitely needed to rebound. Tomorrow, I’ll be ready and willing to dive into it again………..but not today.

I’m thinking’ shower, TV, relaxation and then bed for the remainder of the day.


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